The After Life

$294.00 USD
The After Life

Here at DarkDenim we are bridging the world of the Metaverse and the Real world. The After Life Card isn't just a regular NFT or Garment . It is One of the most valuable collectables as these are made by AldoElCreator fashion designer. This after life card comes with the after life gift. This is a gift you get once you buy our NFTs on the metaverse.

You can either get it gifted for 99% off with you NFTs or you could just go ahead and purchase online without buying the NFTs & purchase with USD or any Fiat currency.... don’t forget we also except credit card and Ofcourse are favorites, Bitcoin!

There is only 6 in existence . We hope you are ready to get one of the most rare garments on the via Wed3.

Ps... To see what the card Says or to decipher any messages on the hoodie you need to use a mirror or be on selfie mode on your cell phone. Yes it is cheaper to buy in Eth as Fita has crazy inflation prices. 0_0

Aka Cryptomagic tech by AldoElCreator.