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Skyler (Cakes) Sawyerbegan her career in 2017, arranging and hosting her own shows; giving her exposure to Los Angeles based artists that set in motion her modeling and music management career as well as  attending the Los Angeles Film School for Entertainment Business. 


     Her clients are the most important to her. She strives to help them grow within their industry. She always wants her clients to feel one hundred percent themselves and express their art to the fullest. Working for film productions in LA and New York, she flourishes off making creative content for music artists and influencers. 

     Cakes is a huge advocate for mental health and the vegan community. She is constantly working to empower women by creating events that highlight their careers. "My mission in life is clear: uplift, support and build those around me so they can fulfill their dreams and goals." Cakes has worked very hard to be where she is and truly believes hard work and being the best version of yourself is the key to success. @cakkkes_